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Reusable Breakfast Boxes

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Throwback Hunger Initiative

with each continued subscription we give back to a local food shelter in your name

Throwback Hunger

Energize Your Team, & Increase Productivity, Fight Hunger!

Healthy & Tasty Themed Breakfast Boxed Options

Choose from a variety of deliciously themed breakfast boxed options that speak to your belly and your teams early morning mood! All our boxes are created fresh, sourced locally and re-usable (helping to reduce waste).

Subscription Plans that Throwback Hunger

Say no to long-term plans and yes to fighting hunger! Plans can be modified, paused or cancelled at anytime. And with each continued weekly plan, we'll be giving back to a local food shelter in your name. 

Fast & Eco-Friendly Delivery at Affordable Prices

Tired of those food delivery options that are usually late and turn out to be too expensive? Brakfast delivers your boxes in 30 minutes or less keeping the environment in mind by using e-friendly delivery methods.

Energize Your Team & Increase Productivity

Brakfast is the hidden link between energizing your team and productivity! It's time to show your team how much you care about their health and well being. Let us take care of feuling your companies growth!

  • The "Savory" Box

    We hear some like it hot, or should we say a bit more salty and spicy rather than too sweet.  We've designed the Savory Box to satisfy your early morning palate while hitting on all the tasty notes your tongue desires.

  • The "Fitness" Box

    We know the true means to keeping one's body fit, is to eat fit. To aid you on your fitness routine try out the Fitness box that will give you plenty of energy, protein and vigour to start your early morning routine off right!

  • The "Zen" Box

    Eat your way to enlightenment with this Paleo themed box. Yeah, we know early morning meetings can get you stressed & your job can demand a lot from you. Brakfast is the key to regain your inner Zen. This box will bring tranquility back to your work routine.

Keeping Employees Fed in these Cities!

Brakfast delivers to these downtown office and co-working locations.