Breakfasts Around the World!

Often billed as the most important meal of the day, breakfast plates can also tell you a lot about a country's culture and way of life. From simple breads with meats or cheese to elaborate spreads fit for a king, below are some of the top ranking breakfasts from around the world.


For a country known for it's complicated and refined cuisine, the standard French breakfast is actually quite simple. Typically consisting of a quality croissant or baguette with butter and preserves, the French are also known for wonderful cafe au lait (coffee with milk) or hot chocolate, both perfect for dunking buttery croissants.

Also from French comes the omelette but not the overstuffed kind we are used to in America. Rather, the French omelette is super thin and delicate consisting of only few ingredients such as eggs, butter and some heavy cream.

Miso Soup, Japan

Miso soup is a staple of the Japanese diet, especially in the morning. While it may seem like unlikely breakfast food, miso soup provides many vitamins and minerals to get the day started properly. Miso soup is also a staple of the macrobiotic diet, a dietary theory based on the concepts of ying and yang which was popularized in Japan.

Arepa de Huevo, Colombia

Arepas, or corn cakes, are a staple of Colombian cuisine any time of day but one that stands out as a stellar breakfast choice is the arepa de huevo. Consisting of an egg inside of a golden corn patty, the arepa is fried which creates a light inside and the perfect home for a soft-cooked egg. It is often served with hot sauce or other regional sauces.

Arepa de huevo are especially common in the coastal Caribbean towns of Colombia such as Cartagena. Here, you can typically find arepas de huevo being sold all day long in street stalls and street carts as it is also an incredibly portable meal or snack.

#Pan Con Tomate, Spain

In Spain it's not uncommon to head into a local tapas bar early in the morning and grab pan con tomate to fill you up before starting your day. Originally from the Catalonian region of Spain, much of the country has picked up this regional treat as their own.

Instead of the complexity of preparing the dish, pan con tomate highlights the quality of a few simple ingredients. To start, a hearty bread is sliced thick and then grilled until it reaches a crunchy perfection before rubbing it with fresh garlic and then topping it off with very ripe tomatoes that have been roughly grated and seasoned with salt. And of course, this Spanish dish wouldn't be complete without a healthy drizzle of premium Spanish olive oil on top.


While the standard American breakfast is well documented as a mix of pancakes, bacon or sausage and eggs (maybe toss in some home fries), there are some more regional dishes that deserve mention as well. In the South it’s cheesy grits (perhaps with an egg) and in the North it’s a buttered roll with coffee. We also have Scrapple (a mix up pork scraps and cornmeal) in the Pennsylvania region as well as sweet beignets down in New Orleans. However, even with all of those great options it has been reported that only 47% of all Americans actually eat breakfast everyday according to a study by Instantly.


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