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Embracing The Environment Every Day

Embracing The Environment Every Day

Every year on April 22nd, people all around the world celebrate Earth Day, a day designated to focus our attention on environmental issues.

Here at Brakfast, we believe in doing right by our planet which is why we're committed to the following efforts as we serve up breakfast daily.

Fuel Efficient Delivery

Every year, motor vehicles are responsible for 20% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere globally. That is in addition to contributing excessive levels of nitrogen oxides and other emissions that can be deadly for humans let alone troublesome for the planet.

Some of this car pollution can be attributed to both the delivery of takeout meals as well as the transportation necessary to get raw ingredients shipped from one location to another. That is why here at Brakfast we have decided to use more fuel efficient transportation for our meals.

Whether it's by bike, two feet or a hybrid car we're committed to not only delivering you a delicious breakfast but also a meal that doesn't have as much as an impact on the environment.

Reusable Packaging

Disposable plastics and other packaging materials are a known contributor to pollution and take a large toll on our environment. While customers can choose to use non-plastic containers at home, there are not as many eco-friendly options when having food delivered or eating away from home. 

In an effort to provide more options to customers, we’ve introduced an eco-friendly box which aims to reduce packaging waste. Simply return your previous box when we deliver your next meal. You’ll not only get another one in exchange but be given a clearer state of mind knowing you’ve played a part to help reduce waste.

Social Good

Food waste is a major problem in America and it is estimated that 40% of food is wasted every year, according to Feeding America. Even with all this wasted food, however, 1 in 6 people living in the USA are defined as “food insecure” meaning they lack access to food for those living in their household.

To help combat these issues, we’ll donate one Brakfast box (or the equivalent value) to a local food shelter for every continued weekly Brakfast subscription.

Mindful Suppliers

Much of the food that is wasted daily is produce that may look slightly irregular or slightly damaged, although it is perfectly good to eat! That's why we’ve partnered with suppliers like Imperfect Produce and Bakers Acres who are committed to providing sustainable and non-wasteful produce for use in our Brakfast boxes.


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