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Brakfast Boxes


Brakfast offers a variety of breakfast themed boxed options such as:
Zen, Fitness and Savory boxes.

The "Fitness" Box
We know the true means of keeping one's body health and fit, it's to eat fit! To aid you on your daily fitness routine try out our Fitness box that will give you plenty of energy, protein and vigour to help kick start your early morning routine N...
The "Savory" Box
We hear some like it hot! Or should we say a bit more salty and spicy rather than too sweet.  We've designed the Savory Box to satisfy your early morning palate while hitting on all the tasty notes your tongue desires. Order your Savory Box now to...
The "Zen" Box
Eat your way to enlightenment. Yeah, your early morning meetings can get you stressed & your job can demand a lot from you. Brakfast is the key to regain your inner Zen. Check out the box that will bring tranquility back to your early morning...