About Us




Breakfast has traditionally been considered to be the most important meal of the day, but for our founder, Gregory, it has always been one of his most important times of the day. Reason being, it was the one time of day he would anticipate waking up and sharing an enjoyable early morning conversation before work with his best friend and father; John. They'd take advantage of every moment, however short it may have been, talking about anything and everything. A good cup of coffee and of course laughter was always a big part of their early morning pre-work routine! Unfortunately, Gregory's father recently passed away from cancer

After the passing of his father, Gregory came up with the idea of BRAKFAST in order to keep such early morning traditions alive, while helping people remain healthy at work. As mentioned above, Gregory only had limited time with his father in the mornings for breakfast before he'd have to go to work, but each of those moments was precious to him, as it should be with others. After doing much research and learning that most of the people in the USA were like him and would skip breakfast in the morning because they had no clue what to eat or quite frankly didn't have the time. Gregory wanted to build a solution that would allow all of us busybodies in the morning to not have to sacrifice breakfast in exchange for our other routines of importance, like fitness or being with family.

Although Gregory's breakfast experience will no longer be the same, he truly hopes that through Brakfast.com, others may find the little time in the morning to share similar moments of laughter and conversation. 


Our mission is to "throwback hunger by helping companies fuel their employee's productivity and health".


In the USA, 1 in 6 people face hunger, called ”food insecurity”. It’s defined as the lack of access to enough food for all members in a household. That said, it's about 42 million Americans currently living in food insecure households. And yet, we hear that up to 40% of the food which is grown, transported or processed in the USA is wasted, according to Feeding America!

Well, we say "no more to hunger"! Our mission is to stop hunger one belly at a time. And therefore, with each continued weekly subscription at BRAKFAST.COM, we'll donate one (1) box or the equivalent value, to a local food shelter, in your name! It's our mission to #THROWBACKHUNGER 

In addition, Brakfast is committed to working with local vendors, who are dedicated to offerring healthy and non-wasteful food options to supply our users boxes, such as Imperfect Produce or Bakers Acres!